Playing Checkers With Vlad

Playing Chess with Vlad


Originally Posted at The Minority Report Blog:
It’s amazing how president Obama always seems to be two steps behind everyone else when it comes to foreign policy… and when it come to Russia and Vladamir Putin Obama is always playing checkers while Putin is playing chess.

Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke


It's only your tax dollars going up in smoke. Everyone knows we can trust government to handle our money, right? Especially when they promise to cut spending later. The can isn't "down the road" anymore, it's over the cliff.

Party Of No, The Birth Of A Meme

Party of No, the birth of a media meme


"Party of No." It's all you hear anymore coming from the "unbiased" media echo chambers. Have you ever wondered how their logic works? Wonder no more.

If you don't give in to what Obama and the (D)'s want, then you are the "Party of No." It doesn't matter how many times they tell you no.

Give in, or you are the "Party of NO!" and probably a racist too.

Obamacare - It's all about Control... (Alt-Delete).

Obamacare Website


POP-QUIZ: What is the new Obamacare website?

(A) Just another NO-BID contract (CGI Federal - The new (Canadian) Halliburton)
(B) $600M hammer.
(C) A true display of "Government Intelligence."
(D) All the above.

Gummmit Shutdown

Gummit Shutdown


No Pool for You!


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