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When this cartoon hit the webs this morning, it got a lot of attention for being "leftist" or "morally relativist". I think that lots of people took it as me complaining about the fact that we took out Osama Bin Laden. That was not the point I was making. I tried to make a statement about the celebratory atmosphere that "spontaneously" happened in front of the WH. It just felt wrong to see us doing what we've criticized them for doing so many times.

A good friend states it much better than I, as follows:

"I think it's worth pointing out here that an act (sustained by a moral authority or the rights derived from a natural law) can be committed with integrity and the superior "right-ness" with which it has been justified. Sometimes a good and righteous death deserves the silent and humble reflection on the part of the killer as he plans his next righteous kill. We were right to wreak God's vengeance on this piece of waste, but our display of satisfaction with our accomplishments says everything about who we are, as a people.

We were disgusted with the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world who celebrated the loss of 3000 innocent lives, but if we brag about the people we kill (even if we are justified in doing so) every chance we get, aren't we just as bad...just from a different angle?

I much prefer that we just go around and quietly kill the bad guys and continue doing so while leaving the survivors to wonder which of them will be next rather than taking all the mystery out of it (and the potential deterrent their fear of us instills) by putting it on a billboard (or an election campaign flyer)."

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